A bit about me

So, here I am trying to run a blog… wish me luck!

My love of baking stated when I broke my arm a few years back, I was confined to my house with nothing to do so what does any self-respecting teenager do? Yeah, they probably wouldn’t take up baking but I guess I’m just special like that.

I started with cupcakes and things progressed from there to larger cakes, biscuits and breads. I knew I was onto something when people started asking me to bake for them and then paid me for the results. When I finished high school I knew which direction I wanted to take with my career (something my friends hated) so I looked around and finally stumbled across a Confectionary and Patisserie course. I couldn’t believe that I could actually bake for most of my school day and be rewarded with a certificate at the end of it, amazing! Anyway now that I’ve finished with that I am moving onto a business course which doesn’t sound nearly as fun but I’ll have to put up with it if I want to eventually end up running my own business.

cake 1
Zebra loaf cake


Why the name?

I had to think long and hard about the name for this blog, lots of amazing names were already taken so it was a toss-up between two names for me.

Number one was ‘pig in the kitchen’ now I must point out that pig was not an insult to myself, I have been known as a pig in my friendship group for years and it is an endearing term… I hope! Anyway the pig is one of my favourite animals so it seemed an obvious choice for a blog name but after seeing the faces of a few people that I suggested it to I have decided against that.

That moves me onto my second choice for the blogs name, ‘sprig of mint’ I like this name for two reasons, number one is the fact that any desserts look can be improved by the simple pop of colour that a little bit of mint can provide and number two is it’s my ode to the fantastic cooking group known as simple food, anyone that watches them knows that they believe in simple cooking that anyone can have a go at no matter what their previous cooking experience. This is an ideal that I find myself sharing, good job guys!

cake 2
Apple crumbe and custard cupcakes



So what can I expect from your blog?

Baking, lots and lots of it. Personally I prefer the sweeter side of baking but I shall endeavour to put up a fair mix of sweet and savoury for all those who do not have as sweet a tooth as I do. Apart from baking I can offer you bad spelling and probably a lot of me straying from the subject that’s on hand. Hey at least I’ll keep things interesting that way.


cake 4
Earl grey tea cupcakes

I can’t bake though, what’s in this for me?

First of all, stop right there! Nobody is born knowing how to bake, I am a firm believer that you should never be scared of cake, if anything cake should be scared of you because you will end up eating it. Now that applies to everything you bake. If baking really isn’t your thing though I can promise you lots of pictures of cake, who can say no to that?


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