Moroccan food

I have just come back from a week in Marrakech with a tan and a head full of new recipe ideas and flavour combinations. Hotel food The thing that really impressed me about my hotels food was the presentation, it was stunning. Everything was served in a buffet style so you had to be quick […]

Chocolate Cake

I have a terrible habit of baking celebration cakes when there is nothing in particular to be celebrating. I know, it’s not an issue that I can imagine a lot of people will share with me but it does give the family issues when there is a massive cake sitting on the on the side […]

Pretzel sticks

  I used to call my favourite shopping centre the fish that blows bubbles, why? Well because proudly hanging from the ceiling of the shopping centre hangs a large clockwork fish that every half an hour plays a tune and blasts bubbles out to the waiting crowd below… yeah I have just realised how strange […]


I love brownies, there’s no way of getting round it. A good brownie can really be the star of the show. It’s gooey, chocolaty and just all round delicious. I used to be shockingly awful at brownies. I would drastically over-cook them which resulted in dry, cakey brownies. Nobody likes cakey brownies… do they? But […]

A bit about me

So, here I am trying to run a blog… wish me luck! My love of baking stated when I broke my arm a few years back, I was confined to my house with nothing to do so what does any self-respecting teenager do? Yeah, they probably wouldn’t take up baking but I guess I’m just special like […]